Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Long Delay

There has been a long delay in posting... apologies. Work transitions have made my life a little hectic.

I'll be going to Central America in January, which--barring violent relief of my digital camera by hooligans--should provide some excellent photography for my blog.

On another note, my plans for the first half of next year have changed. 14 days ago I was told I was going to Afghanistan next August for work. 10 days ago I was told I was going in April. 5 days ago I was told I was going ASAP. Today, the deployment office got confused and told me I was going to Iraq. With everything settled, I'll be heading to Afghanistan in January and will return for months later. Again, great opportunity for anecdotes and photographs.


Blogger Emmy said...

OMG! He returns! Huzzah!

10:33 PM  

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