Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Offensive Puppies

Read this.

The Tayside Police in Scotland sent out postcards informing the populace that a new non-emergency number was being set up. On the postcard was the Force's "newest recruit", a 7-month old German Shepherd puppy named Rebel who just "graduated" from initial obedience training. He's adorable.

However, local Muslims are so offended by an "unclean" dog being shown on official government postcards--regardless of his positive civic intent--that they are boycotting the postcards/numbers, refusing to display them in their shops, and have lobbied Dundee city counselors enough to have an "investigation" called for. The police are backtracking, apologizing for not consulting their "diversity" expert.

Eight hours after the Daily Mail broke the story at least 64 comments had been left by our Cousins across the Pond--every single one was outright condemnation of the absurdity, lack of common sense, and government retreat. Some enlightening comments include: "What a load of old tosh! Since when have puppies been offensive?", "When will there be an end to all this stupidity?", "We're a bullied nation.", "No wonder the police are useless today when so much of their training is devoted to this rubbish.", and, most aptly, "I am outraged that they are outraged." They've got it right.

Unfortunately, the government hasn't caught on...so it counts as a loss.

Common Sense: 1 Lunacy: 2


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